Hire Purchase

One of the most popular financing options, giving you the certainty of a fixed rate of interest and a fixed monthly repayment. *You can trade in your existing car and put this towards the initial deposit, or simply use no deposit. We bespoke the package around you.

Key Benefits:

  • The interest rate is fixed which means you will always know how much you will repay throughout the term of the agreement.
  • A guaranteed fixed monthly repayment making budgeting simple.
  • You can make lump sum payments during the agreement.
  • Structured to meet your individual requirements based on the car.
  • You can settle the agreement at any time.*
Monthly Repayments

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Monthly Repayments
Guaranteed Future Value

This option gives you the benefit of a lower monthly repayment with additional flexibility of deferring part of the cost until the end of the agreement. The deferred amount is known as the Guaranteed Future Value. (GFV) also known as the optional final payment.

Key Benefits:

  • Three options presented to you at the end of the agreement. (1. Retain the car and simply pay the GFV, 2. Choose another car using any excess part exchange value that is above the GFV towards your deposit. 3. Return the car to the finance company in good condition and within your agreed mileage terms*)
  • Enjoy the peace of mind you know the minimum guaranteed future value of your vehicle.
  • Fixed monthly repayments, making budgeting easy and affordable.
  • Make overpayments into the agreement.
  • Enjoy lower monthly repayments and the peace of mind in retaining a Guaranteed Future Value*.

Lease Purchase

This flexible option is sometimes known as Hire Purchase plus balloon. If you would rather make lower monthly repayments throughout the agreement, and defer some of the balance until the end of the agreement this option may suit you.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides lower monthly repayments by offering the option of a balloon on the final repayment.
  • There are no mileage restrictions.
  • You can make overpayments into the agreement.
  • You can settle the agreement early by repaying the required amount.
  • Allows you to change your car frequently if you choose.
Monthly Repayments
Balloon Payment
The Small Print:

The agreement is secured against the vehicle. If you do not keep up your repayments, steps may be taken to recover the money you owe, which may include repossession of the car.

Only when all payments under the agreement have been made do you become the legal owner of the vehicle. (Including any fees).

(*Subject to terms and conditions)